Commercial harvest is complete....U-Pick is now open!

Well, 2019 commercial harvest has come and now complete….so U-pick is now available for our local friends and neighbors. The only field open for U-pick this season is 17928 Bill Taylor Rd., Lithia (Fort Lonesome)….the other locations were commercially picked with not much left. Check out our calendar to see if any changes and the hours of operation. Of course, weather is always a factor…if there is rain….U-pick will be closed for that day.

In the early part of the harvest season, we were spared the attack of the Cedar Wax Wings on our blueberries but as the harvest continued, they came out in huge flocks! With firecrackers and airhorns, we do our best to keep them flying and off the bushes but they are hungry for BLUEBERRIES!!!

We’ve been growing blueberries since 2004 and each year there are opportunities and challenges that face us as farmers. When you purchase your produce throughout the year, we hope you remember the local farmers and buy local. If not local, please check for USA grown and help the farmers continue to do what we love to do…tend to the land, grow the food, and provide wonderful produce for you all to enjoy!

Thank you for visiting our website! Please check back and see what goes on….after the harvest!

Lyna and Susan

Lyna Knight
Commercial harvest continues on and on.....

Sometimes it feels like months but our commercial harvest has only been a few weeks and continues on…..however, we are seeing the light at the end of the forever blue tunnel! That means we will open our fields to YOU for our annual U-PICK!

The dates are undetermined at this time but will have a better idea next week and will be posting the update here and on our FaceBook page, so stay tuned!

And also remember when shopping for produce and other fresh items….buy local!! Help the small farms continue on and provide the best of fresh produce to you and your family.

So until next week…..

Lyna and Susan

Lyna Knight
Commercial harvest underway!!!

Our 2019 commercial harvest has officially started! These few days of colder weather slowed us down a bit but things will get right back on track by Monday, 3/25! We are always at the mercy of Mother Nature and this season she was good to us. Looks like a bountiful crop and should have plenty left for our friends that come visit us and pick!

This year, we will have “we pick” and you will be able to order online using our order form….more on that later when we get closer. So stay tuned, keep watching for our updates and emails! If you aren’t signed up for our email notifications, please do so and you won’t miss the latest!

So until next time….we’ll be seeing you in the fields!!


Lyna Knight